Paper art, Features and Self-employment-Artist Series: Lisa Lloyd

Self-employed paper artist, Lisa Lloyd, has been creating bold, intricate models from the unlikely sculptural material for huge UK brands, including Waitrose and the RSPB. The creator has said to have taken inspiration from the symmetry, geometry and textures of nature. Lisa converts these elements into a model by adding a modern twist taken from her knowledge of fashion and graphic design.

(NSFW) Being The CEO Of A Porn Site- Porn Series: Anna Richards

Anna Richards has taken the porn industry by storm with her ethically motivated porn site 'FrolicMe'. The entrepreneur developed the platform to encourage a safe working environment and a fair rate of pay for every performer involved in the production. The site has also been tailored to suit a mainly female audience who wish to indulge in pornography without compromising their ethical values towards an industry that continually faces controversy.

BDSM: The Forbidden Art- Porn Series: Pachu Torres

BDSM and all things erotic illustrator, Pachu Torres, has worked for the like of Playboy, the notorious men's lifestyle magazine, and regularly illustrates for the Spanish newspaper, ABC, to support the movement of bringing niche sex acts into the mainstream media. Though his work has been deemed a success in the art world, alongside receiving constant praise from a mainly female fanbase, his risqué style have not always been welcomed on social media platforms.

Tastefully Immodest- Porn Series: Pixie Sinful

The whimsical, yet risqué self-titled artist 'Pixie Sinful' certainly lives up to their artistic persona with an Instagram glazed with x-rated illustrations of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. Though most of the women are shown in what some may claim to be a compromising position, the illustrations are done in a manner that can only be described as tasteful and empowering. 

The Confessions of a Porn Star- Porn Series: Amara Romani

The title 'Porn Star' can often have a great deal of stigma attached to it due to the controversy surrounding the Porn Star profession. Adult actress, Amara Romani, reveals the joys and hardships that she faces as an active performer in the industry. In this short interview, Amara reveals her free-spirited nature alongside her goals to do more humanitarian work when she decides to enter a new chapter after porn...

The Erotic Poet- Porn Series: Emma Marié

Under the name Emma Marié for anonymity purposes, Emma took to the internet to express her thoughts and sexual fantasies in the format of poetry and blog posting as a retreat from her everyday life. Though she is open with her friends and family about her talent for literature, her blog's detachment from her full identity exudes an air of mystery for her audiences. 

Bermuda Bay - Meet the band

We started off playing covers of all sorts of bands, Tame Impala, Saskwatch, Bluejuice and more! Then we took a bit of a hiatus until Callum and Koleh started writing a few of their own songs. After jamming these new songs for a bit, we decided to have a name change to Bermuda Bay! Now it's very collaborative but it took some time and a somewhat windy path to get there!

Botanical beauty: An interview with Louise Newton

Yorkshire-based artist, Louise Newton, produces countless amounts of botanical beauty with her embroidery talent. Embroidery is an art form slowly coming back into fashion after being pushed aside for the last few decades, due to the rise of technology in the art world. The pieces are undeniably minimalistic, yet truly captivating with the artist's interpretation of nature's purity. 

Be the Change Foods: Worcester's first all-vegan cafe

It is no secret that veganism has become prevalent in supermarket aisles over the last few years, alongside many claims that it is the perfect lifestyle choice. Reflexive asked three individuals who follow a vegan diet for their honest thoughts towards the lifestyle, allowing Reflexive readers to make the most informed decisions regarding personal ethics, eating habits and lifestyle choices.