Place I Call Home: Granny's House

Place I Call Home: Granny's House

This is the home of an 84-year-old English lady, situated in a derelict Midlands village. Her home's interior has been kept immaculately frozen in time, with each crack in the wall and every mix match item on the shelves acting as a time capsule for a lady that has watched a family of five evolve into a continuously growing family tree. 

Her kitchen contains culinary utensils older than The Beatles, her living room has books passed down from almost two centuries ago and she also holds a collection of photos dating back to when England was at war with Germany.

The Wilkshire born Grandmother told that in recent years she has begun to let go of many of her belongings with the belief that sentiment is often a somewhat distracting part of growing with the times. However, one thing that she has never detached herself from is her wicked sense of humor, as shown in her growing collection of gorilla memorabilia and 'memesque' posters!

Bathroom In Pink.

Bathroom in Pink.jpg

Mirror and Gorilla, On The Wall

Gorilla and Mirror On The Wall.jpg

Read my mind


Sick Of Cooking.

Sick Of Cooking..jpg

Sod Off!

Sod off.png

...Waiting For Grandad To Call

Waiting For Grandad To Call.jpg

Making Up

Making Upp.png
On display: 'Coming Out' art exhibition

On display: 'Coming Out' art exhibition

Artist Series: Ratilomend

Artist Series: Ratilomend