(18+) Eroice - Erotic Artist - Porn Series

(18+) Eroice - Erotic Artist - Porn Series


How did you get into art? And is it something you’ve always had a passion for?

My fascination and lifelong passion started with a bucket of felt tip pens on my 4th birthday. 120 colours! I started to draw wobbly circles, followed by snowmen, and our dog in various phases of bewilderment.

Suddenly everyone paid attention to me, showering the bespectacled, shy kid with praise, so I was hooked for a lifetime. Later I worked in ceramics, animated films, children’s book illustration; and there's a very grown-up bachelor’s degree in Illustration and an MA in Art and Design in the drawer, just in case.


What led you to create an Instagram account for your work?

To separate my work from the other, less risqué art I’m doing and to give Eroice a virtual studio space. I've had mixed experiences with Instagram before and saw it as a necessary evil, but it's convenient to display visual content in a fast and exciting way. On a more positive note I've discovered a thriving community of erotic artists on Instagram that I find encouraging and inspiring.

Your work is very sexual, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from multiple sources. There are artists of times past that I admire; artists who were ahead of their time, challenging the boundaries of so called societal norms and conformity.

Take Gerda Wegener, or Rojan: both were established commercial and children’s book illustrators, yet they gave the world the most compelling and beautiful erotic art ever.

Looking at ancient Asian art, Greek vase paintings, Hindu temples also gets me going. Another source is online pornography. I enjoy a sexy flick but I'm very selective, I find the deluge of over-commercialised, domineering type of male-fantasy porn the least arousing.


I never copy, I adopt a detached stance to study the scene. Sketching nude models in life drawing classes is also helpful, and an absolute must for any figurative art practice.

The artworks are varied in their nature, is it important to you as an artist to explore varying angles of sexuality?

Yes, it is important to adopt different viewpoints and push myself and others out of the comfort zone.This is the hardest bit. I think of myself as an open-minded heterosexual, but I'm aware of my own limitations.Integrity and respect are the key.

Do you feel like the discussion of sexuality in society today is adequate? And what do you feel are the effects of this?

Absolutely, "let's talk about sex, baby," instead of the alternative facts spouted by deranged world leaders. Sexuality is a great subject, it can be projected as political, feminist, grassroot shocker or just kitsch for fun.There are countless ways to discuss it, and the more the better, in my opinion.

Society en masse has been stuck with a tunnel vision, with sexual expression labelled "dirty", deviant, filthy or perverse. Today we have all the tools to leave that phase behind. To accept sexual diversity is paramount for societal progress,obviously within a consensual, grown up territory.

What would you hope for a viewer to take from your artwork?

As an artist who draws erotica I'd like to arouse my viewer. Arousal is great ice breaker, but it’s a tricky one, because not everyone is aroused by the same thing! So I try to use humour sometimes - humour and erotica make the best sex partners,if matched thoughtfully. Also, I make a conscious effort to appeal to female and male viewers.

Ultimately, I want the viewer to take unashamed pleasure from my artwork, with the bonus of understanding others and themselves better.

Finally, where would you like to go as an artist looking forward?

I'm still at an early phase with Eroice, and obviously I've grand plans to explore the wonderful diversity of human sexuality. For now I've decided to go with the flow and end up where my erotic art takes me. A website would be a good start! Coming up soon.

You can find more of Eroice's work here.

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